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* FREE wait list for all 3 distances is now open on


* Titusville Heralds's pre-race report Friday 10/14/17

* Titusville Heralds's post-race report Monday 10/16/17

* Erie Times News Sunday 10/22/17 report


* Bib numbers have been assigned - congrats to all that made it this far - see you at the starting line Oct 14th morning !

* 50K entrants / bib numbers here

* 100K entrants / bib numbers here

* 100 mile entrants / bib numbers here


* 50K & 100K are SOLD OUT - wait list opens Sunday March 5th -


* OC100's registration page constructed for March registration -


* Bib numbers have been assigned! 50K 100K 100 miler


* The Titusville football schedule is being determined - which will then dictate when we can have our Oct 2016 race - stay tuned

* 2015 race reports:

Nick Kopp 100 mile race report - new men's course record by 21 minutes (17:04)

Tiffany Hrach 100 mile race report - award-winning "Last Wildcatter to Leave Pithole"

Bryan Slotterbach 100 mile race report

Rob Kolodziejczak 100 mile race report

Paul Encarnacion 100 mile race report

Gale Connor - 100K race report


* 2015's date has been set - Oct 10, 2015 weekend

* Registration will open sometime in March - exact Saturday date TBD - stay tuned

* Eric Burkett's excellent first 100 miler race report - see PDFs of Info page


* OC100 donated $1,850 to Friends of Oil Creek State Park in 2014 (FOCSP funds the Over the Hill Gang's trail maintenance activity along with other improvements)

* OC100 donated $650 to Friends of Drake Well in 2014, $250 of which was sponsorship for the "MEET-U in 5" mile trail race at Drake Well Museum

* OC100 donated $250 for the nearby "Run Between the Suns" trail ultra (Jeff & Heather Nelson, race directors)


* New counter-clockwise loop for AS # 4 (100K & 100 milers only) to reduce congestion at the aid station - see the COURSE web page (near the bottom)


* See the new OC100 store (left navigation panel)

* 50K sold out in about 90 seconds on 3/22 and the 100K in 6 minutes

* Less than 80 spots remain in the 100 miler already - don't delay


* Registration will open on Sat. March 22, 2014 on


* 2014's race date - Oct 10th weekend. On Sat. Oct 11th the 100 will start at 5 AM, the 100K at 6 AM and the 50K at 7 AM

* 100 miler is the "RRCA Pennsylvania State 100 Mile Trail Run Championship"

* Registration will open in mid to late March - with former champs being able to register early if they like (watch for email from


* 2014's race date - the 2014 & 2015 Titusville HS football schedule should be completed by late January or early February by the area athletic directors, so stay tuned on 2014's October race date. OC100 has to pick an "away" game since the middle school parking lot is also used for parking at the nearby stadium.

* Erie Independent Film's 2013 Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs race weekend videos featuring the participants (starting at the 11:30 mark after the RD interview) and our fantastic volunteers

* Have a wonderful holiday season & happy new year!


* 100K female winner and 2nd overall Ashley Moyer's race report

* 100K - brothers Eric and Rick Burkett try to improve on last year's time and set a PR - Rick's race report


* 100 mile results - w/ DNF's and DNS's - summary - 164 had bib #'s assigned - 22 DNS's = 142 starters - 74 DNF's (52%) = 68 finishers (48%)

* 100K results - summary and splits and with DNF's and DNS's

* 50K results - summary and splits and with DNF's and DNS's

* Photos from Dave Adams on Flickr

* Photos from Charlie Houpt on Flickr

* Photos from Lee Ann Reiners on Flickr

* Very warm weather - 77 on Saturday and 79 on Sunday - were the observed temperatures in Titusville

* 2013 100 mile finisher Brian Newcomer entering AS # 3 Miller Farm Rd bridge:


* No NSAIDs such as Advil, aspirin, etc. will be at the aid stations so bring your own in a small ziploc type bag

* No littering so bring another small ziploc bag for your personal trash such as gel tops and wrappers

* Bib numbers have been assigned - click on this registration link and view your race distance to see your bib #

* No more cancellations - you will be listed as a DNS did not start

* Registration is officially CLOSED

* NO DOGS or pets - this applies to participants, family, crew, pacers, and volunteers

* Race day is the first day of ARCHERY SEASON for DEER - antlered & antlerless - the park is open for hunting so wear bright colors


* 3/23/2013 registration - the 50K sold out in 5 minutes and the 100K in about 15 minutes. 100 miler is filling rapidly

* 3 countries (U.S., Canada, United Kingdom) and 21 states are represented so far

* 304 men and 146 women have registered for the three events

* NEW 2012 race pictures from Michael Henderson


* 2013 race date has been set - Oct 5th weekend

* Many lost and found items will be thrown out soon - a sleeping bag / pillow left in the gym, trail running shoes, vests, etc. - contact race director Tom Jennings at


* Lee Ann Reiner photos - Benninghoff Derricks and other misc. pictures

* 100 mile finisher Julian Vicente photos - 28 to 30 hour finishes

* 100 mile participant Joey Anderson course photos - scenic views of the park and trail

* Patrick Krott's went-as-planned first 100 mile race report

* Tiffany Hrach (pronounced "rock") - 100K race report

* Ron Heerkens Jr - 100K race report

* Tapatha Knupke - 100K race report


* Remember - NO DOGS, NO ALCOHOL or smoking on school or park property, NO LITTERING (carry a quart size ziplock type bag for your gel wrappers, etc.)


* Next organized group training run / hike - August 4th at 7 AM to beat the heat - see TRAINING RUNS page - Petroleum Center or Jersey Bridge parking lots.

* Always have a bear bell with you especially during summer training runs when mother bears are out with her cubs - $2 at WalMart - sporting goods / camping section

* Summer biathlon August 11th ! Run and stop to shoot a .22 rifle at targets, then run some more! First 80 participants:


* Next organized group training run / hike - July 7th at 7 AM to beat the heat - see TRAINING RUNS page

* Always have a bear bell with you especially during summer training runs when mother bears are out with her cubs - $2 at WalMart - sporting goods / camping section

* This warning from the park yesterday:


Bears have been sighted in the park several times in the past several weeks. No surprise there, it is the season! However, a mama bear and her cubs were startled on the northern loop of the Hiking Trail and she took an aggressive stance, scaring a visitor. Please remember that you are in their home and use common sense. If you are out hiking in the woods either use bear bells or be sure you are making lots of noise so you don't come upon her and surprise her. If they know you are coming, they WILL run the other way!


* 100 SOLD OUT in less than 5.5 weeks

* Next organized group training run / hike - May 19th at 8 AM - see TRAINING RUNS page

* Looking for a great summer trail race near Oil Creek State Park? Try OC100's "sister race" Run Between the Suns - June 30th - 12 hour trail race - 5 mile loop trail


* 50K SOLD OUT in less than 10 minutes - congratulations to the nearly 200 entrants!

* 100K SOLD OUT in 1 hour 45 minutes


* Registration will open Saturday March 17th at noon Eastern / 11 AM Central at

* New for 2012 - chip timing by !

* Register quickly on 3/17 for the 50K and 100K as they will sell out very fast


* 2012 race date has been set - October 13, 2012 ! See the schedule page for details.

* Registration will open Saturday March 17th at noon Eastern / 11 AM Central at


* 2012 race date will not be finalized until around February after the area Athletic Directors finalize the 2012 & 2013 football schedule

* 2012's tentative race date - either Oct 13th or 20th weekend

* Order a beautiful buckle display holder specifically designed for OC100 - a great holiday present ! To order:

contact Mary Long at Engraved Imaging (Erie PA). Mary will put your name, date of the race, distance and finishing time on it. The plaque is $24.25 plus shipping. 6% sales tax if you live in PA. Mary can be reached at, or (814) 897-7807. They are located on 4835 Buffalo Road in Erie. Here is a sample of what it would look like, this is Brian Newcomer's 2011 100K plaque:


* Tom Sperduto's 100 mile race report - inspiring !

* Women's 100 mile course record holder Jill Perry's race report

* Matt Lindsey's tough-it-out 100 mile race report

* Christine Reynolds - 100K race report

* Volunteer coordinator Katie Peterson's 100K race report

* Tiffany Hrach (pronounced "rock") - 50K race report

* Pat McHenry's first ultra - his 50K race report

* Christine Vassen's first ultra - her 50K race report

* Mick Quen's 50K race report

* Brian Newcomer's video while running past Benninghoff oil derricks (which are the inspiration for the logo and finisher's buckle)

* 2012's race date TBD - tentatively Oct 13th but it won't be until Jan. or Feb. 2012 before we can set the date (based on high school football schedule & the school's availability).

* Tom Sperduto's "final thoughts" about Oil Creek:

Oil Creek is not just a race. It’s become a family reunion in three short years. The volunteers aren’t just there to feed you they truly care about you. This race touches so many lives you don’t need to be a runner to experience the love this run creates. For me, it’s an example of everything that is right in the world. It’s not just about running. For me, running is way down the list. It’s about living in the moment. It’s about chasing dreams. It’s about loving your neighbors and caring for others and helping others be the best they can be.


* Bib #'s have been assigned - see the "PDFs of Info" web page

* Reminder for 100K & 100 mile participants - if you quit at AS # 4 after just 50K or 100K, do not stop by the finish line to get your finisher's buckle. You did not finish the race you signed up for - it is a DNF.

* Drop bag users - when you pass through AS # 2 for the last time, place your drop bag in the return zone so it can be transported back to race HQ in a timely manner.


* See the 4 new informational videos on the home page and the race info page


* We've outgrown the TMS cafeteria! No formal Friday pre-race meeting this year to minimize congestion in the cafeteria - come and go as you please this year.

* Instead of the formal meeting this year, from 5 til 9 PM we will have packet pickup, enjoy the buffet style pasta dinner (participants free, crew/family can purchase tickets in the cafeteria), see if you've won a door prize (if available - remember the wild & tough 1860's oil boom era RULE OF CAPTURE applies to door prizes too), socialize at TMS or at a local pub or eatery.

* The usual Saturday morning pre-race instructions will be 10 or 15 minutes before the start of each race


* Next supported group hike / training run will be on Saturday August 27th at 8 AM. See the TRAINING RUNS page for more details.

* BEE ALERT - yellow jackets / hornets are abundant in the park this year. If you are allergic to bee stings please be careful and have our EpiPen with you.

* RIP Mark Shallenberger - thank you for helping coordinate the ham radio / emergency communications for the race the first two years. You will be greatly missed.

* The Over the Hill Gang will be putting a small foot bridge over the Gregg Run exposed culvert on 8/24


* OC100 donates $ 750 to Friends of Oil Creek State Park for Gerard Hiking Trail maintenance and improvements

* See Proceeds page for photo!


* OC100 has been awarded the 2012 RRCA Ultra Championship race !

* Check out the 2010 music video


* 50K sold out in 2.5 hours on 3/19

* 100K sold out in 28 hours on 3/20

* Online registration (only - no paper entry forms) still available for the 100 miler at - pay by check or

money order within 30 days of registration, or use credit / debit card for immediate registration.


* Online registration (only - no paper entry forms) opens TODAY at 10 AM Eastern / 9 AM Central at - pay by check or

money order within 30 days of registration, or use credit / debit card for immediate registration.

* Wild & tough 1860's oil boom era policies:


- CHECKS / MONEY ORDERS must be received within 30 DAYS or your entry will be CANCELED






- If you do not complete the distance you registered for it is a DNF - "Strike oil or move on !"


* The beginning 3.1 miles of asphalt to start each race has been shortened to about 1.5 miles. All runners will now enter

the Gerard Hiking Trail at the trailhead about 1/4 mile south of the Jersey Bridge canoe launch parking lot instead of

continuing an extra 2 miles south to the Boughton Acid Works white alternate trail as in the first 2 years of the race.

* This may mean a bit more trail congestion at the start of the race since you are entering primarily single track trail earlier

in the race so plan your starting strategy accordingly. There are a FEW wider sections of trail where passing may be possible,

us caution.

* The eliminates a major race-morning course adjustment and allows the 50K participants to enjoy a section of trail that

previously only the 100K and 100 milers traversed on their subsequent loop(s).


* In the "PDFs of Info" page, see new Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's welcome letter

* Registration will again open in mid-March - via online entry as always. No paper entry forms - but you can pay by check or money order.


* Additional red long sleeve RaceReady ReadyTech CoolMax Alta race shirts are available for $20. Please reserve your size by emailing and to receive the address to send your payment to. $5 shipping. Note: these have unisex sizing so you may want to bump up to the next larger size.

* Next year's 100 mile race is RRCA's "2011 Eastern Regional Ultra Championship" race !

* Lost and found - email race director Tom Jennings at if you lost something at the race. Email me what you lost and I'll let you know if it was found / returned.

* 2011's registration should open mid-March. The 50K sold out in 2010 in about 9 days so be prepared to register early so you don't have to ask to be put on the waiting list.

* Sweatshirts (maroon Gildan Heavy Blend) should be received by Nov 12th from RaceReady and will be shipped out to those that have pre-paid for them ($20 for the crew, $25 for the hoodies). $5 for shipping. Some extras were ordered, email to reserve a sweatshirt and receive shipping address for check, payable to "Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs." RD's wife Rita models the crew sweatshirt below.